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APW 001: What Motivates Anthony Lauder And His Daily Language Learning Routine

Anthony Lauder was the most interesting and most engaging speaker at the Polyglot Conference in Budapest 2013.

Hands down.

You don’t want to miss these golden nuggets on language learning in this interview.

Especially if you are serious about learning to speak a new language.

You will learn:

  • What motivates him to continue to learn new languages and how you can do the same
  • How you can balance “Play time” and “Study time”
  • If you don’t have time and only have an hour a day to learn, what he suggest you to do to get the most out of that hour

Here it is.

Motivation, Play Time and Study Time

Anthony’s Daily Language Learning Routine


How You Can Get the Most Out of an Hour of Study Time


Click to Tweet this Sweet Quote:

“Do whatever it takes in this hour, for you to want to learn another hour tomorrow.” -Anthony Lauder 

In response to: “If you only have an hour to study per day, how can you maximize that hour?”

What I Learned Most From Anthony

What I got most out of this interviews is his view on “play time vs study time” and his “profound” quote.

During my learn German in 90 days challenge, it was LOTS of study time.  And after that 90 days of grinding, there is little motivation left to study German.

So make sure you balance play time and study time so you can associate language learning as fun so you will keep it going.

Its also very interesting when Anthony said these tips are common sense to him.

In my view, its common sense to him ONLY because he put in a lot of work and experiences in learning to speak a language that lead him to those common sense.

If you are a sprinter and you have a regular training routine, its likely that your training routine is different than Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world.

He trains the way he trains because its common sense to him and it came from years of experience of running and the best coaches in the world.

What did you learn from Anthony’s experiences, hacks and tricks that you will apply in your language learning routine?

Let us know in the comment.

About the author: Lets learn to speak a new language together in the +1 Challenge! Join the party, join the new language learning movement :)

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  • Nancy Tantzen Wang

    I really enjoyed this. I love his focus on persistence. I have to remember this when I get discouraged!! Thanks for the motivation.

    • http://dageniuslab.com/ Brian Kwong

      Glad you enjoyed it Nancy, its ok to be discourage at times but if you put what you learned in this interview into action in 2014, you will get the result you wanted :)

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